Who Else Wants Someone to Do Your Taxes?

Do you want someone to do your taxes? Then, you should consider hiring a certified public accountant, or CPA. CPAs are accountants who have completed rigorous education and experience requirements to become certified. However, not every CPA specializes in income taxes. Ask about how long the CPA has been handling individual taxes, and if they can assist you with other areas of financial planning and estate planning as well.

Tax preparers charge a variety of fees. You may pay a minimum fee, which is reasonable, or a flat fee that changes based on the complexity of the tax return. However, you should be wary of any professional who bases their fee on the amount of money you will receive from your return. Many enrolled agents offer unlimited advice or do the entire tax return for a flat fee. If you have questions or need more assistance, ask questions of the accountant during the initial consultation to see if you will be comfortable with their approach.

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