Tubi features a vast library of films, TV shows, and animations

Tubi is an ad-supported, over-the-top content platform launched in San Francisco, California, in April 2014. The service reaches 33 million monthly active users as of January 2021. Tubi has been a popular alternative to traditional TV and the like. Users can watch a variety of popular television shows and movies, or stream original content without any commercials. Its popularity reaches new heights each week, with millions of viewers tuning in each month.

While most free streaming services are plagued with ads, Tubi’s are among the least intrusive around. Most ads are only 30 seconds long and will play before most content and at natural TV ad breaks. The good news is that ads are never more than one minute long, which is an important consideration if you want uninterrupted TV viewing. In addition to ad breaks, Tubi features a vast library of films, TV shows, and animations, as well as a category titled “Not on Netflix.”

Among its many offerings, Tubi also features a selection of classic movies and B movies, as well as interesting documentaries and TV shows from a variety of genres. Its programming is varied, with some originals and some lower-quality schlock. Many of the shows featured on the app are award-winning, and you can find a variety of genres to choose from. Parents can also watch their kids’ shows and movies without disturbing them.

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