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Tour Velvet Putter Grip From Golf Pride

The Tour Velvet putter grips by Golf Pride are the choice of many PGA Tour pros and have helped them to achieve more than 600 victories worldwide. The Tour Velvet putter grips’ pistol tapered profile and rubber construction allow for instant feedback when the putter makes contact with the ball. This grip also features moisture-wicking materials and a rubber-blend compound to provide maximum comfort in all conditions. These putter grips are extremely comfortable and provide the golfer with optimal shot feedback.

Golf Pride’s CPX grip is made of the softest rubber compound in company history and has raised diamond-quilted patterns to increase traction. Engineers at the company took the comfort of golfers into consideration when developing this grip, and it shows. This grip is perfect for players with sensitive hands. Golf Pride even reimagined its golf gloves with a CPX grip that provides increased comfort while golfing.

The CPX grips have been designed with a central control core to increase contact area with the hands. It is made with a soft grip for golfers to maximize comfort and reduce the likelihood of twisting. Golf Pride’s grips are also made with a control core at the end to increase stability and resistance to twisting. Golf Pride’s engineers created this grip to give golfers confidence and feel while they play. This innovative golf grip was created by a Cleveland-based inventor, Thomas L. Fawick, who was interested in the benefits of rubber and saw that it offered a better grip than leather. Today, over 80 percent of Tour pros use Golf Pride’s grips.

The Tour Velvet golf grips from Golf Pride feature a patented Align technology and come in a variety of sizes. A Midsize grip, for instance, weighs 53.5 grams and is available in a standard and jumbo size. This type of golf grip is suitable for players of all skill levels, as it consists of two layers of texturing and moisture-wicking technology. Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet grip is also available in a Midsize size and a Jumbo grip size.

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