How to increase organic CTR for your website

For anyone who feels that the website has already been created, the Organic CTR is still low and wants to increase the Organic CTR even more. Today, Mae Som has compiled 10 methods that will help stimulate Organic CTR sales to explode without dragging you out as follows:

Do Keyword Research

Doing Keyword Research is an important step that will make you rank on Google and also help identify the target audience that will come to your website as well, for example, our orange cat website is a website that provides knowledge about SEO รับทำ SEO  , of course, Keyword. The word we choose must be all related to SEO so that Google sees us as credible in this regard. And rank the website of the orange cat at the top in this group of keywords as desired And get a group of people that Orange Cat wants to come to the website

But one day, Cat Som wants to write a cat story on the website, which is a keyword that is not related to the original story at all. The chances of being ranked will be difficult. In addition, the people who come in from this keyword are not the target group that Som Cat wants. Therefore, if you want to increase Organic CTR, don’t forget to do Keyword Research by looking at 3 main things as follows.

– It’s a keyword that has about one person using it.

– It is a keyword related to the business you do.

– It’s a keyword that can compete.

Write an attractive title tag

When writing Title Tag, you should use words that are eye-catching and useful to users, and have keywords that are used on that page. Including the length that is not omitted by Google.

Use parentheses: HubSpot conducted a study showing that title tags with parentheses increased clicks by almost 40%.

– Use numbers: Because Conductor’s research concluded that 36% of readers prefer article titles with numbers the most.

– Use interesting words: e.g. Free! Super rare, first time, put the year to indicate the freshness of the content, etc. to arouse the reader’s interest.

Writing Meta Descriptions for SEO  รับทำ SEO

Meta Description is the description of the website page under the title tag. The way to write this description well should be written not too long until it gets cut off (approximately 150-170 characters) with keywords used on the page. that And should be written to be interesting, for example, focusing on the use of words that make you feel that you should not miss (don’t be late, don’t miss it), if you already know what the reader wants or what’s the problem Write to tell them what this page will offer them, etc.

Use Rich Snippets, Sitelinks, and Featured Snippets to increase the likelihood of a user clicking.

First of all, let’s get to know these 3 features from Google. What is it? And why add them to these features to help increase organic CTR? Let’s start with…

– Rich Snippets is a 0 or Zero Position on the search results page. It’s caused by Google selecting websites that provide information that matches what people search for the most. Most of them come in the form of information cards. answering questions or other

– Sitelinks are a feature of Google that allows links within a website to appear under the title and description and can lead people who click these links to the desired page immediately.

– Featured Snippets is a Google feature that pulls out snippets or key phrases. Come to show results in many forms, such as steps, definitions, tables, lists, etc., making the website look more clickable and interesting.

Which we make the website page on these features that makes the search results look special and more interesting. Inevitably, people want to click to see more full-length content on the website, resulting in a higher organic CTR.

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