Guidelines for the Construction of a Parking Lot

When building a parking lot, you have to follow some basic guidelines. The parking surface should be free of cracks and should be isolated from buildings, light post foundations, and drains. It should also be constructed with continuous contraction joints and square panels with appropriate spacing. Concrete parking lots don’t need reinforcement, but it can help keep cracks from separating. In addition, if you’re putting up a parking garage, you don’t need to install dowels at the joints.

First, you have to decide what type of parking lot you want. Parking garages usually have more space than a parking lot with just a few spaces. Whether you need two or four spaces or one large one, a parking lot needs to be designed to fit that number. The parking lot is a necessary part of any building, whether it’s a commercial building or a residence hall. It needs to be a safe and attractive place for your visitors.

Depending on your parking lot needs, there are some basic guidelines that must be followed when building it. These include proper drainage, adequate lighting, and access. In addition, there may be special sections for compact cars. You should also consider any existing sidewalks or shared aisles for the handicapped and elderly. If the parking lot is not big enough to accommodate all types of vehicles, make sure you build ramps to get everyone in and out of the lot.

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