France Football have created a new Socrates award

The new trophy from the creators of the Golden Ball will be able to get a player who has shown himself in the humanitarian direction. The first owner of this award became Senegalese striker Sadio Mane.

The award is created in honor of the famous Brazilian midfielder Socrates. Who showed incredible soccer ability in the 70’s and 80’s of last century. The player spent most of his career in his homeland, playing for Botafogo, Corinthians, Flamengo and Santos. The footballer even managed to spend a season in the European team as well. Socrates played 26 matches for Fiorentina Italy.

This trophy was awarded on October 17, just at the Golden Ball ceremony. The award went to Bayern forward Sadio Mane, for his many charitable acts in his homeland. There is little information about the other nominees. Reportedly, Sadio won the nomination by unanimous decision of the experts.

Mane’s team will meet Barcelona on October 26 in the 5th round of the Champions League. Many experts believe it is the German team as the favorite in the match. If you want to make watching this match more interesting, you can go to the best betting company.

Sadio Mane’s charity story.

In 2019, the player donated more than $300,000 to build a school in his home village of Bambali. And in 2021, the player donated more than $600,000 to build a hospital there. In addition, a stadium was built with Mane’s support. The player now provides the villagers with clothes, shoes and food on a regular basis. Such actions greatly surprised the world of soccer, of course, many other famous soccer players who are also actively engaged in charity work, but Sadio truly showed love for his native home.

The people of the country are incredibly grateful to the player for his help. When asked by journalists, “Why are you doing this?” the player replied, “Why would I need 10 Ferraris, 20 watches with diamonds and two airplanes? What would it do to the world? I started, I worked in the fields, I went through tough times, I played barefoot and I didn’t go to school. Today, because of what I play, I can help people.” All this was appreciated not only by the people of the Senegalese village, but also by people all over the world. Despite the big money, Mane manages to remain a humble guy, a rarity these days. So it’s only fitting that Sadio should be the one to receive this award.

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