Finding the Right Fit for Men’s Underwear: A Guide

Lingerie is often limited to women and femme-identifying people. However, with the popularity of gender-neutral clothing, mens lingerie is also starting to make headway. Even essential mens underwear is now referred to as lingerie, given the clothing industry’s widespread neutrality.

Nevertheless, finding the right size remains a struggle for most people. So here is a short manual to ensure a more satisfactory lingerie shopping trip for every man.

Always Ensure the Correct Measurements

First, decide what type of underwear to buy. And this can be boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, shorts, or even the racy thong. Once that’s done, it’s time to take some measurements in order to decide what size of underwear to purchase. To get the correct underwear size, measure your waist and hips.

To get the most accurate size, use a soft body tape measure and note sizes in centimetres. Here are some more instructions on how to measure the waist and hips.

Measuring the Waist

Find the narrowest part of the waist, just above the belly button. Hold the tape measure horizontally in the middle of the belly with one hand and snugly wrap the tape measure around the waist. The breadth of the waist is measured where the measuring tape meets the starting point.

Moreover, don’t suck in the stomach or interrupt breathing when measuring.

Measuring the Hips

Find the widest position above the member and place the tape measure’s starting point there with one hand. To determine the hip size, wrap the measuring tape around the body and return to the starting point. To get an accurate measurement, wrap the measuring tape over the top of the glutes.

General Tips for a Better Fit

Now that we have the sizes, it is time to look for some other things, such as sizes between brands and extra details. These little things determine how convenient and comfortable the underwear is for the wearer.

1. Finding the Right Size for Each Brand

While a man may be an XL for one brand, they may be an XXL for another. This is the reason it is recommended that measurements be taken in centimetres. This might make it easier to discover one’s size based on each brand’s specific sizing chart.

2. For Those In-Between Sizes

Yes, sizes aren’t just a myth for women; it can be pretty confusing while shopping for mens lingerie too! If the measurement falls between two sizes, go for one size up. Wearing larger undergarments is much more comfortable and lasts longer compared to smaller underwear.

After all, wearing too-tight underwear or trousers might severely influence one’s health, particularly sperm count.

3. Looking for the Little Details

Whether it is the little hole in the underwear for peeing or the type of fabric, there are many small details that one needs to focus on. In fact, close to 20% of men regularly use the “peehole”. It is pretty convenient, after all!

Some other details to look for include:

  • Sweat-absorbent fabrics or sports underwear
  • Flys or openings on the underwear
  • Choosing the best underwear based on one’s lifestyle

Everyone has a unique body and hence different measurements. Hopefully, this article can help eliminate many hurdles that come with shopping for mens lingerie. Particularly when shopping online.

If anyone still finds themselves struggling, a kind store rep is always ready to assist at all times!

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