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Fashion Styles of the 60s, 70s, and 80s

The 1960s saw several distinct fashion styles. For instance, there were long gowns that were the most popular, and short evening dresses were not as fashionable. The ‘ball dress’ was a popular style, and it was typically made of sheer wool chiffon or thin wool jersey. The Art Novaux style was also popular and took over the Met Gala in 2019. The emphasis was on largeness, dramatic dresses, and pops of color.

The 70s saw a rise in popularity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This style, which is also known as flower child style, was all about bright colors and dramatic shapes. Flared and wide-leg jeans paired with fitted crop tops emphasized the ’70s look. Paisley and tie-dye prints are popular accents. The 70s style included disco clothes, sequined bra tops, and an off-shoulder pastel jumpsuit.

Those interested in the classic style should check out Dark Academia. This style is popular among art school students and literary lovers. People wearing this style of dress are usually splattered with coffee and wear a headband. Some of the iconic symbols of this style are the lace, ruffles, and gathered sleeves. A lot of the clothes in this style can be considered casual, but they do look great with athletic clothes.

The 1970s also gave rise to several fashion styles. Hip hop music and the culture of its performers influenced the creation of these styles. This style embodied a free-spirited attitude. However, it can also be considered maximalist. While some may disagree with it, boho chic is an expression of comfort and relaxed style. The ’70s also saw the birth of the bohemian style. This style is known for its colorful clothes and accessories.

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