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Educational Websites Examples

Using eSmarts, Parentalite Creative has created an education website that uses illustrations and other forms of media to teach kids about their growth and development. The website uses a clear menu with a prominent testimonial section and easy todaypknews access to all important links. Its website design is sleek and user-friendly and has been praised for its ease of use. But is it effective? Let’s take a look at some educational websites examples and decide for ourselves.

The Kendall College website uses a isaidubnews directional design that makes navigating easy and informative. The home page features a large menu, a navigation menu, and a credibility seal from a 3rd party. A well-organized website will be easy to use. A large, easy-to-navigate menu is also useful for current students and prospective parents. The CIS website contains a wealth of information, from current events to contact information.

Coursera is another highly regarded 7hdstar educational domain. It offers hundreds of free courses that are delivered online via video lectures on demand. Students complete homework exercises and participate in discussion forums. They then receive an electronic-based course certificate. Founded by two Stanford professors in 2012, Coursera has since reached 53 million users and 2,300 businesses worldwide. If you’re a student of online education, this is a great way to enhance your studies.

The content of an educational website tnmachiweb should have an attractive headline that entices visitors. A good headline will have three main calls to action. If a learner enrolls through the website, they can save 25% on the first month’s tuition. They also get 50% of their tuition fees back if they graduate within 12 months. Using newtoxicwap dynamic titles to catch the attention of visitors can help them decide if the program is right for them.

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