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Does the Civilization 6 Anthology Include the New Frontier DLC?

The question is: Does the Civilization 6 Anthology include the New Frontier DLC? That’s a good question, as it is one of the last Civ 6 experiences you can get before the game is retired. To answer that question, I’ll explain what the Anthology is and why it is so special. A Civilization 6 Anthology is a collection of all the officially released Civ 6 products.

The Anthology is the latest version of the original game as well as all the expansions and DLC. It includes the base game, Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm, and New Frontier Pass. This game has the best tutorials and interface. It also includes the new civilizations and wonders, including the Red Death playable scenario. Lastly, it allows you to build buildings and expand your civilizations and conquer the world!

The New Frontier Pass is an expansion for the Civilization VI game that adds new civilizations and game modes. The New Frontier Pass is available separately from the main game and includes six new DLC packs. You can toggle these expansions on or off when starting the game, and you’ll be able to unlock new civilizations and modes. You’ll also get new personas. This pack is a great addition to the original game.

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