Choosing the Right Skateboard Deck Size

A skateboard deck is the largest surface area a board has. This allows for larger transitions, heftier street tricks, and general rideability. Wide boards are generally long or cruisers and are larger than a typical skateboard deck. However, they tend to be heavier, making them difficult to maneuver in the air. For these reasons, many people choose a smaller board deck. Here are some general guidelines when choosing the right size board.

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One of the most important factors when choosing a skateboard is the width of the deck. Generally, skateboards have a width of 7.5 inches to eight inches, depending on the height and shoe size of the skateboarder. However, this measurement is not always perfect. Try skating with several different sizes and styles until you find the right fit. The width of a skateboard deck should match your height, weight, and style, as well as its durability.

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For beginners, the size of your foot should play a huge role in your selection. The width of a skateboard deck should be large enough to cover the midsection of your toes, and narrow enough to allow you to fit your whole foot comfortably. If the board is too small or too large, you’ve chosen the wrong size. When buying skateboard decks, you should also consider the concavity. Read more about: soreplica

Skateboard deck width is influenced by the size of the skateboard rider, the type of riding style, and the age of the rider. For technical street skating, narrower decks are best for this purpose. Real and Baker offer narrower decks while a smaller deck is suited for street skateboarding. A skateboard deck size should fit between seven and eight inches. Almost all skateboard brands offer a variety of options in this range.

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