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Artificial Intelligence in E Commerce

AI in e-commerce refers to a range of software applications that use modern communication technologies to automate business processes. These applications can improve the auto-recommendation feature, provide better pricing options for customers, and even help improve knowledge sharing. The research behind AI in e-commerce largely focuses on machine learning, immersive learning, and real-time product targeting. This document will provide you with an overview of the different ways in which AI can be used in e-commerce.

The research literature on AI in e-commerce focuses on two major journal categories: information systems and computer science. However, researchers should also target other journal categories. Specifically, government and law-oriented journals are likely to be interested in their research. The application of AI to e-commerce is often impacted by international law and regulation. Thus, future research should focus on these fields to find the best ways to apply AI in e-commerce.

While AI in e-commerce is largely foundational, many researchers have identified specific applications and techniques to make their solutions better. For example, most of the research into recommender systems focuses on improving the accuracy of recommendations and modeling consumer preferences. Other research focuses on developing advanced algorithms for product reviews. Using this information, researchers are able to better predict what users want to buy. This information can be used to develop recommendations that are tailored to meet specific customer needs.

AI is already helping eCommerce retailers improve their customer service and sales by providing personalized recommendations. Companies like Amazon, eBay, and Starbucks have already started to implement AI into their business processes. With its growing capabilities, AI is poised to revolutionize the way consumers interact with products online. From helping people navigate a store’s website to delivering personalized recommendations, AI will transform every aspect of e-commerce. It is already making sweeping changes in businesses and enhancing employees’ skills and utilizing new technologies, it’s no wonder that these companies are leading the way in the field of AI.

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