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TALA, a decentralized marketplace, has raised a $145 million Series E investment. It plans to use the funds to build a decentralized finance infrastructure and a decentralized marketplace. The company plans to launch its platform in the first quarter of 2018.

TALA raises $145 million in Series E funding

Tala is a US-headquartered fintech company that provides loans to consumers and small business owners. The firm focuses on emerging markets and offers loans to underbanked people. In addition, Tala has developed a mobile app for consumer finance in India, Mexico and Kenya.

Tala has built a team with experience in the financial industry. The company has six million users and has offices in India, Kenya and the Philippines. As part of the fundraising, the firm will use the funds to expand its services and product lines. It will also hire across its team.

Tala is a Silicon Valley-based company that provides a range of digital financial services to customers in emerging markets. Its mobile-first account services include lending and savings tools. Customers can also spend currency from their digital wallet.

It plans to use crypto to decentralize finance

Tala, a consumer finance startup, plans to use its latest funding round to develop a crypto product for emerging markets. In particular, they want to make their crypto offerings as cheap as possible.

In the last few years, Tala has been making its mark in the consumer finance space by introducing loans to small business owners and consumers alike. The company offers rates as low as 4% and a wide range of options. For example, you can borrow up to $500 with a loan through your mobile phone.

The company has also managed to raise a staggering $350 million in venture funding, with the latest round featuring PayPal Ventures, Kindred Ventures, Lowercase Capital, and the Stellar Development Foundation. This is a major milestone for a company that’s been around for seven years.

It plans to use decentralized finance

Tala, a Santa Monica based fintech giant, recently announced it has raised a whopping $145 million Series E funding round. The round was led by Upstart, a lending platform helmed by former Googlers, and included Stellar Development Foundation’s Enterprise Fund. It also includes participation from PayPal Ventures and J. Safra Group.

Tala is a consumer finance company that specializes in loans and financial services to traditionally unbanked populations. Founded in Nairobi in 2014, the company claims to have disbursed over $2.7 billion in credit since its inception. Its flagship product is a consumer finance app available on Android phones in Kenya, Mexico, India and Philippines. To date, it has added over 12,000 new users daily and has offices in those countries.

In addition to its impressive consumer finance app, Tala offers loans from $10 to $500. The company is also looking to expand its footprint in the crypto space. Earlier this year, Visa and Tala partnered to drive crypto adoption in emerging markets.

It plans to build a decentralized marketplace

Tala has raised $145 million in Series E funding from a number of investors. These include PayPal Ventures, Kindred Ventures, J. Safra Group, and Lowercase Capital. Tala intends to use this money to expand its financial services and introduce a crypto product to its suite of tools. It has already been successful in lending to consumers and small business owners in four markets.


Tala is a digital finance company that offers financial services to customers, traditionally unbanked or underserved. By using mobile data to create a credit score, Tala can offer consumers loans ranging from $10 to $500. In addition, the company operates a consumer credit app, offering loans through mobile phone apps. The startup has also launched a USD Coin through its digital wallet. To date, Tala has disbursed more than $2.7 billion in credit.


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