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40th Birthday Party Ideas For Him

When planning a 40th birthday party, you should consider the venue as well as the theme of the party. A 16th century manor in the country would not be a suitable venue for a Tiki-themed beach party. Whatever the venue, you should be able to find suitable 40th birthday party ideas for him. Alternatively, you could draw inspiration from his hobbies and interests. There are many themes to choose from.

If your man enjoys drinking, you can plan a whiskey and cheese-themed party with real bottles of whiskey. While Jack Daniel’s may be the most popular choice, you can also consider other themes such as beer or cigar-themed parties. Besides, you can even plan a cruise-themed party if your partner is a beer lover. And don’t forget desserts. The dessert table should feature a selection of beer and whiskey-related treats.

If you want to make the party even more exciting, hire a magician. Not just for kids, magicians also perform adult parties. Book an illusionist and ask him to perform tricks inspired by the theme of the celebration. Another idea is to organize a video game that requires the guests to guess the title of a song, or play one of their favorite television shows. You can also play a game called name that tune. You can give prizes to guests who guess the song!

A surprise 40th birthday party idea can last throughout the day. For example, if dad wakes up in the morning, a homemade card and balloons can greet him in bed. Or, if you have children, they can paint “Happy Birthday” on their cheeks. The living room can be decorated with birthday plates. You can also display a giant birthday card. In the evening, you can have a surprise dance party and a surprise dinner.

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