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4 Types of Instagram Posts That Earn More Reach and Engagement

Multi-image Instagram posts are a great way to tell stories and showcase your product or team. These types of posts can feature up to 10 images or videos. A good example of this is Airbnb, who uses a carousel post to highlight their potato-themed abode and the beautiful views around it. These types of posts are great for creating slideshow presentations. In addition, they earn 1.4x more reach and engagement than other types of Instagram posts.

Video content that taps into human emotions is a great way to engage with customers and gain their trust. Jumping onto current events or real-time trends is also an effective way to increase engagement on Instagram. Companies can ask users to give their advice, which leads to crowdsourced ideas. Other effective ways to engage with users include introducing them to your brand and showing a glimpse of your team. Keeping your posts short and sweet is another effective strategy.

Images with a blue tint receive 24% more likes than images with a light blue tint. High saturation posts, on the other hand, are less effective. High saturation posts, whether created through manual editing or using filters, often create a fake look. Moreover, users tend to gravitate to images that feature a dominant color. Images with multiple dominant colors may seem too overwhelming for users to see. In general, lower saturation posts perform better.

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